The Red Carpet Academy Turns Plebes into Pros at Kennington Film Studios

The Red Carpet Academy Turns Plebes into Pros at Kennington Film Studios

Taking a proverbial crack at TV presenting is all well and good, but can seem like quite the unconquerable goal if the thought of public speaking turns your legs into pool noodles and makes your mouth dryer than Bill Murray doing stand up in the Atacama Desert.

 Luckily, every couple of months our London film studios host the lovely folks at The Red Carpet Academy – the UK’s only TV presenting and public speaking training led by mainstream and celebrity experts.

 These guys are the ideal choice for anyone who needs moulding from a wobbling human jelly to a powerful vessel of charisma and charm – also a generally great option for anybody wishing to hone their presenting and public speaking skills that little bit more.

 The academy usually makes itself at home in our Star Green Room, and uses any one of our three studios to do their TV training days.

 Here’s a link for you to check out, useful for those who want the volume on their voices turned up – https://theredcarpetacademy.com/one-day-intensive-public-speaking-training/

Razor Gets Dirty in Studio 1

Razor Gets Dirty in Studio 1

There seems to be something of a common theme with our studio shoots at the moment – celebrities getting pelted with dirt.

Earlier in the year we saw Rick Edwards receive a face full of mud in honour of his upcoming ‘Tough Mudder’ event and last month we welcomed Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock to our studios to demonstrate the cleaning capabilities of the new ‘Karcher Tough Vac’.

By ‘demonstrating’, the production companies (Shine TV and Sting) actually meant covering him in mud, water, powder paint and dried leaves and challenging him to clear it up – showcasing the super strength of the Karcher Vacuum.

The films were created as a promotional series for B&Q and went live last month to a great reception.

To see what happens when ‘tough meets tougher’, check out the series here.

And if you have any detritus you’d like to throw in the general direction of a famous, contact us today and organise a tour of our studios.




Tesco Toy Team

Tesco Toy Team

To assist parents in choosing the best toys for their kids, UK supermarket chain Tesco turned to parenting blog Netmums to recruit a team of kids to road-test them. The result is a series of Toy Testers videos seeded on YouTube and Netmums which show the kids interacting with the toys and offering their brutally honest opinions.

Comprising of 15 kids, with parents, and 2 days locked in the large Studio 1 space at Kennington Film Studios. The whole place was bustling with activity as the kids had all day long to play with toys. The 12 toys being reviewed included Furby, an interactive soft toy which is already being described as the must-have toy for all, along with a web-shooting Spiderman and the Leapfrog LeapPad2, a multi-functional learning tablet.

In addition to being on social media and mobile channels, the Toy Testers also featured as part of a paid media and point-of-sale campaign through Tesco’s London-based media agency, Initiative. Have a look at the video accompanying this article.



Kennington Film Studios is proud to announce this interesting collaboration with a reputable colour grading and digital arts studio MyTherapy based on Charlotte Street in Soho. It was in the large white cyc wall Studio 1 that hosted the side by side test with some of the industry’s most advanced cameras. Taking place in the studio was the comparison between the Sony F65, the Red Epic and the Black Magic Cinema Camera – in terms of colour correction. The results of its grading test will be revealed on October 25th.

The teaser video filmed by Dan Gable of Sprat TV, showed how Mytherapy had set up a high-end fashion shoot, featuring models with lighter and darker skin tones, to see how the different cameras performed in capturing the images. The test involved an on-set grade, testing the workflows to see how the footage stood up in post-production.

D.inc. Wear

D.inc. Wear

Live, breath, dance and love Dancers Inc. and their D.inc. Wear. For the past few weeks at Kennington Film Studios we have hosted talented individuals showcasing the subtle details and functionality of the attire. With each clothing article designed to suit both the performer as well as the style conscious dresser – no wonder why these guys look so good.

The UK’s number one dance agency – has developed a brand new line of clothing incorporating comfort, style and mobility into a versatile range of cotton jersey pieces. They were showcasing the clothing and dancers in our Studio 3 space at our previous Waterloo location. With high profile names in the dance scene like Kimberly Wyatt and Adam Garcia already offering their support for the product, there is no doubt that this clothing line is going places.

Founder Christopher Manoe launched D.inc. Wear using his 20-year expertise as a dancer, creative director and casting director. Bringing forward the debut range, he aims to eliminate the stigma of dance fashion by introducing a line clean of oversized labels, neon colours and second-rate materials. Go and see their live shows to get a closer look at the garments. Click on the accompanying image to view the video.