Fully Serviced Productions

3 Studios in the centre of London

Extensive Camera Equipment and Lighting

 Welcome to Kennington Film Studios – we are open!


Kennington Film Studios is the UK’s largest film / TV / video production company to deliver fully crewed and serviced studio-based productions.

 Our 3 green screen studios all have infinity coves which can also be painted any other colour.

 We are in central London. 

Covid-19 Update 5 January 2021

With the announcement of a third lockdown, we want reassure all of our clients that we will be remaining open in accordance with current government guidance. We will continue to operate a strict hygiene regime and do our utmost to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our visitors. Our safe-working guidelines can be found here.

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Andy Halle

Account Director

@: andy.halle@kenningtonfilmstudios.com

T:  020 3405 2260

Did you know?

If you’re considering bringing your studio productions in-house, our experts at Croga Studio Builds can help you spec, design, build and equip your own facility