2D Animation - Tier Three

Infographics and Explainer Videos

£2,500 per minute

Basic 2D animation and motion graphics that convey messages with engaging styles and techniques


– Illustration / Storyboarding
– Asset Creation
– Professional Voice Over
– Animation
– Sound Design and Mix
– Company logo and branding
– Branded end-cards
– Royalty cleared music
– Quick turnaround
– Dedicated Producer


This package includes …

Delivery of edited content will be delivered in a digital format of your choice. Illustration and Asset Creation/Storyboarding of key messaging, objects and creative animation. Character animation would be simplistic. Plain backgrounds and textures with kinetic text.

Further clarification and more options …

Animation has a specific workflow that is different to the standard live action timeline. Illustration, scripting, storyboarding and asset creation is the stage where the most client feedback and amends takes place. Once everything is approved and the script is locked off we would record the final voice over prior to the animation.

Animation would be the final phase of the project, and feedback and amends at this stage is limited to textural and movement related changes.

In animation there is an economy of scale when creating larger suites of content. Prices can be reduced for series of 10+ minutes.

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