Bold, Brilliant, BAFTA’s

Bold, Brilliant, BAFTA’s

Anthony Macarten’s film adaptation of The Theory of Everything stole the show at the BAFTA Awards last night, winning a BAFTA for best ‘Adapted Screen Play.’ The film also won the award for ‘Outstanding British Film;’ this merit is not unfounded. Working Title’s production showcased a plethora of amazing British talent; capturing both the hearts of their audience, and the esteem of critics.

The biopic follows the life of Stephen Hawking; Macarten maintains the integrity of the story, focussing on its romance, rather than the degenerative presence of Hawking’s Motor Neurone Disease.

This award winning production hails much of its success to Eddie Redmayne’s stunning performance as Doctor Hawking. The BAFTA community paid homage to his outstanding talent by awarding him best ‘Leading Actor.’

Both Redmayne and the rest of the cast of The Theory of Everything are a testament to the power of film. Their contributions to the integration of life, love and film has earned them their place in cinematic history; an accolade worthy of praise.

Patricia Arquette won best ‘Supporting Actress’ in Richard Lakelater’s revolutionary film Boyhood. She elegantly applauded Lakelater as he “broke the rules of cinema” to create a masterpiece that “made an ordinary story, extraordinary.”

Boyhood truly is a film like no other; a twelve year cinematic experiment that follows the life and experiences of a five year old boy. Lakelater’s exquisite exploration of childhood in its totality holds no secret to why he won a BAFTA for best ‘Film Director,’ and Boyhood best ‘Film in 2015.’

Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel was also impactful last night, raking in four BAFTAs of its own. The Grand Budapest Hotel won both best ‘Original Screenplay’ and ‘Original Music;’ the film also won three more awards for ‘Hair and Make-up,’ and both production and costume design. The extravagances of the Anderson’s hotel girded its inhabitants and audience with a luxurious escape deserving of commendation.

Last night ceremony exhibited a range of creatives that refuse to toe-the-line of cinema. All winners dared to be different and were duly rewarded. All in all the BAFTA Awards 2015 provided a bold assortment of cinematic talent; both entertaining and inspiring its audiences.

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