Welcome Tariq Moore

Welcome Tariq Moore

Meet Tariq Moore

Tariq Moore

Studio Account Executive

We here at Kennington Film Studios are happy to announce that Tariq Moore has joined the ranks as our new Studio Account Executive.

We caught up with Tariq to find out a little bit more about him, here’s what he told us.

“My background lies in sales and it’s something that comes quite organically to me. My dad is a salesman so I guess it runs in the family.

Coming over to Kennington Film Studios has resulted in the perfect combination of my personal interest and a role in which I can naturally thrive. I plan to develop my account management skills & knowledge of film production – who knows where this role will lead me.

In my first month, I’ve helped organise an end of year live stream broadcast for one of the largest media agency networks in the world and a shoot for a major American publication featuring a BAFTA award-winning actress.

I’m a massive Science Fiction & Horror fan and grew up with the likes of The Terminator, Alien & The Shining when I was definitely too young to be watching those kinds of films.”

Thanks for the info, Tariq! With your expertise, I’m sure you’ll be opening up doors for us faster than an axe-wielding Jack Nicholson.

Welcome to the team.

Celebrity 100% Hotter Filmed in Studio 1

Celebrity 100% Hotter Filmed in Studio 1

Over the last 6 weeks TV production company, Naked Entertainment, have been filming the second series of ‘Celebrity, 100% Hotter’ in our studios.

The Channel 5 programme is an inspirational make-under show that asks the public what they think about unique, individual styles. To help people understand more about themselves a team of stylists experiment with new looks for the guest.

Naked Entertainment filmed the show on a set built in studio 1, using our in-house lighting and lighting technicians. They also shot in our newly refurbished Green Rooms and we provided the crew with a catering van which has been parked in our courtyard, making everyone hungry!

Watch the show tonight on Channel 5 at 10pm and tweet using hashtag #CelebHotter.

Studios Reopen with a Full House after Refurb!

Studios Reopen with a Full House after Refurb!

After a few weeks of renovation at Kennington Film Studios, we are pleased to announce we have officially re-opened!

We’ve refurbished the studios, green rooms, make-up rooms, prop-store, toilets and corridors as part of the revamp and to make our facilities even better.

Today we’ve opened with a full house, with all 3 of our studios being booked, including ITV in Studio 1, Thalia Bespoke in Studio 2. We’ve also got Kennington Film Studios Films client, Media Planet, filming in Studio 3.

We’re welcoming visitors to come and have a look around, so get in touch today to book a tour on 020 8106 9464.


Posh Prize Unveiled in Studio 1

Posh Prize Unveiled in Studio 1

Ever wanted to sink your behind into David Beckham’s exquisitely moulded bum print? Well, you’ll have literally no choice if you enter and win Good Morning Britain’s new competition which offers entrants the chance to win Posh Spice’s Range Rover Evoque along with £30,000.

studio 1 white screen car shoot

Kennington Film Studios was delighted to have ITV in to film the competition ad in studio 1 and, while Mrs. Beckham didn’t show up herself, her Range Rover was nice enough to make an appearance.

This special edition model is the perfect vehicle to spice up your life with its vintage-inspired leather and rose gold accents – and that £30,000 of petrol money will come in mighty handy, what with all the inevitable fleeing you’ll be doing from mistaken paparazzi.

To enter, check out the details of the competition in the video.

(A few members of our London film company have entered already and we don’t think we could bear the gloating that would ensue if they won – so please feel free reduce their chances)

*To the tune of Spice Girl’s ‘Stop’:

“Hey you, wanna have some fun,

Come and win a car, baby, with Spectrecooooooom”

studio 1 white screen car shoot

studio 1 white screen car shoot

Game of Thrones is back!

Game of Thrones is back!

Last Sunday, fans everywhere rejoiced as blood, battles, bastards and boobies finally returned to their screens in the form of the wonderfully gratuitous ‘Game of Thrones’, now in its sixth season.

Here at Kennington Film Studios, we soon discovered that the game’s reach wasn’t just limited to Westeros. Our London studios facilities have hosted many legions of the show’s cast and crew over the years, and while spending any amount of time in the world of ‘Game of Thrones’ will see a marked decrease in life expectancy, the atmosphere in the air here has generally been one of inflated excitement.

The Iron Throne itself moved from its usual residence in King’s Landing to Studio 1 for a promotional stills shoot back in 2012. This proved to be something that not even Senior Scriptwriter Paul could resist the allure of – bending words to your iron will is not nearly as fun as bending the realm apparently.

Paul Game of Thrones

Grab yourself a horn of mead and check out the series 6 trailer below if you’ve got some catching up to do. As for the rest of you, episode 2 “Home” will air on May 1st – you know what to do.

Kennington Film Studios hosts photoshoot for ‘The Caretaker’s’ Timothy Spall

Kennington Film Studios hosts photoshoot for ‘The Caretaker’s’ Timothy Spall

On 26 January, Peter Pettigrew took time off from his usual hobby of serving He Who Must Not Be Named and instead paid a visit to Studio 2 for a photo session.

However, when the Old Vic Theatre made its way to the London film studio Timothy refused to transform into Ron’s pet rat (disappointing, I know), and instead chose to become ill-tempered tramp Davies, the protagonist of Harold Pinter’s groundbreaking ‘60s play ‘The Caretaker.’

Studio 2’s white screen proved the perfect place to shoot Timothy’s talented portrayal of the irritable bum.

Timothy Spall

See? Look how grumpy and scary he is! It’s great, right?

If you would also fancy having a few photos taken (FYI, they don’t have to be grumpy and scary) or anything else film related for that matter, contact us today for more information about our three studios and green room facilities.