ITV’s Knitted Ad Break Shot in Studio 1

ITV’s Knitted Ad Break Shot in Studio 1

Back at the end of October we had a slightly odd enquiry from ITV.

“Can we use your studios to knit ourselves an ad break?” they asked…

“Errrr…?” we replied (very professionally, of course)…

Turns out, this ‘handmade’ ad break was in honour of ITV’s charity appeal ‘Text Santa’ which airs live this Friday.

Stop Motion Filming

The ITV team took up residence in our 3,500ft² Studio 1 from 23rd November to the 8th December and shot a total of six ads including the British Gas penguin and Amazon UK’s ‘Little Horse’!

You can watch all six woollen ads for yourself tomorrow night at around 21.15 and share your thoughts at #KnittedAdBreak.

If you have a yarn to spin (…) and need a studio in which to spin it, contact us today and find out about our fantastic December deals – 10% off from now until the 23rd December!

Film Studio 1 ITV

Louis Walsh on the Moon in Studio 1

Louis Walsh on the Moon in Studio 1

Last week before the final of the X Factor, Louis Walsh made a visit to our studios to film an opening scene for the show, which has since been taken off YouTube.

Using green screen in studio 1 and lighting technician Ionuts Apetroe, Louis and his team filmed a spoof of the big budget John Lewis christmas advert, where Louis appeared to be the man on the moon receiving a telescope.

The John Lewis advert cost over £1,000,000 to make, but our green screen saved Mr. Simon Cowell a fortune!

If you want to film a Christmas advert using green screen, get in touch today  on 0203 405 2263 and we may be able to squeeze you in before the big day arrives!

Man on the Moon Spoof

Craig Charles Brings a Little Funk and Soul to Studio 2

Craig Charles Brings a Little Funk and Soul to Studio 2

‘Red Dwarf’ legend, ‘Corrie’ regular and much loved radio DJ Craig Charles was in studio 2 back in early September shooting the TV ad for his new compilation album ‘Craig Charles Funk and Soul Classics’.

Following the success of his 6 Music Saturday evening radio show ‘The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show’, this new album will bring Craig’s roots and heritage to the nation’s earholes.

Shot in Studio 2 against green, Craig took to the decks to showcase his 60 track, three-disc collection and had all of us here in the studios tapping our feet.

Check out the advert and be sure to contact us if you would like to find out more about our green screen capabilities.

Aaron Ramsey Makes and Takes Chances in Kennington Film Studios

Aaron Ramsey Makes and Takes Chances in Kennington Film Studios

Back in July we welcomed Welsh football star Aaron Ramsey to the studios to shoot a brand new ad for New Balance footwear.

Focusing specifically on the brand’s new range of football boots, Aaron, Adnan Januzaj, Samir Nasri and Alvaro Negredo were brought on board to demonstrate the features of the ‘Visaro’ and ‘Furon’ boot types.

We played host to Aaron Ramsey and watched in awe as he demonstrated his ball skills in Studio 1 beneath our extensive lighting grid.

The finished ad looks great and New Balance even created a behind the scenes film which heavily features our studio facilities.

If you’d like to film your latest ad in our studios, contact us today and we’d be happy to show you around.


Carlsberg Export #TrustYourTastebuds Shot in Kennington Film Studios

Carlsberg Export #TrustYourTastebuds Shot in Kennington Film Studios

Here at Kennington Film Studios we’ve recently installed an ‘L’ shaped white infinity cove in our 3,500 ft² Studio 1.

The curved wall can be painted any colour (including chroma key green) and is perfect for car shoots, TVCs and broadcast shoots.

One such shoot – the first, in fact – to film against our new infinity curve was an ad for Carlsberg Export which shot a series of short scenes against white to represent the 3/10 people who don’t prefer Carsberg Export to Stella Artois.

With a clever creative and witty scripting, ad agency Fold 7 created a slick, fast paced ad that looked great and made full use of our studio facilities.

If you’d like to find out more about Studio 1, or any of our other studios (including studio 2 which boasts a ‘U’ shaped infinity cove), contact us today and we’ll help you arrange a booking.

Behind the Scenes

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888Ladies ‘Kicks Cancer’s Butt’ in Kennington Film Studios

888Ladies ‘Kicks Cancer’s Butt’ in Kennington Film Studios

Kennington Film Studios Films has teamed up with 888Ladies and Race for Life to produce a brand new ad encouraging women to join the fight against cancer.

Shot in Kennington Film Studios’ Studio 1 last week, the campaign is being fronted by singer and TV personality Ashley Roberts. The former Pussycat Doll joined a group of 888Ladies to encourage women across the UK to ‘walk, run and play’ their way to beating cancer sooner.

The first press shots of the campaign have just been released by marketing agency Threepipe and feature some familiar Kennington Film Studios faces in the line up…!

888 ladies bingo ashley roberts

Speaking about her involvement in the campaign, Ashley told The Sun online;

“We have shot a really fun little advert, and it’s aiming to get people involved all over the UK, women, whether you’re a granny, sister, mother, daughter, to come out and beat cancer’s butt,”

“My mum has had two friends within the last year who have unfortunately not beat cancer’s butt, and it’s just something that I feel grateful I can bring my voice to the situation and hopefully bring some awareness.”

The film is due for release online in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled and we’ll keep you posted.